Sonic Muffs


Sonic Muffs are specially designed to protect sensitive cochlear of premature babies and
to shield off background noise disturbances for a quieter developmental environment.

They fit comfortably around the baby's ears, the ergonomically designed shape and silicone base adhesive ensures that they are easy to secure, gentle to the skin and repositioning friendly.

  • Reduces sound levels by at least 7 decibels (dB).
  • 50% less sound pressure exerted on the cochlear.
  • 360° protection leaving no angle unattended.


Nominal dimensions

Inner width: 2.856cm

Inner Height: 3.493cm

Inner Length: 0.787cm



Ultra Protection in high-Hazardous Environment

  • Effectively protects neonates' immature cochlear during MRI.
  • Reduces disruptive noise during transfer of infants to different hospital units.
  • Provides quieter environment during transport in emergency vehicles.

Application of Sonic Muffs are clinically demonstrated to positively impact infant by the effective
reduction of noxious environmental stimuli within the nursery, which results in:

  • more stable sleep pattern and sleep quality
  • improved physiological stablilty of the babies
  • decrease of respiratory rate
  • optimal oxygenation
  • decrease of pulse


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Sizes available:

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Order #   Description Qty/Box
SM001   Neonatal sound proof muff - pair 24 pairs
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