The Neo-Velum is a disk of Hydrocolloid backing with a transparent dressing covering.

The cannula/tubing would be sandwiched between the hydrocolloid and the transparent dressing to form a secure attachment.

  • The hydrocolloid material bonds gently with the skin, retains adhesiveness on sweaty skin
  • Catheter condition can be easily detected thought the transparent dressing
  • Perfect for all types of tubing:
    • Mono - Neonates to 2 yrs old - for feeding tubes
    • Doublet - Neonates to 2 yrs old - for oxygen tubes and CPAP tubing
    • Singlet - Paediatric (2 to 8 yrs) - for feeding tubes
    • Singlet - divided by a V cut into two partitions to enable use for oxygen tubes, CPAP tubing for preterm and light-for-date babies
  • Simple yet effective
  • Sterile and latex free

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When ordering please quote the following (minimum qty 1 box):

Description Order# Qty/box
Neo-Velum Singlet - 1pc/pack (5 x 3.5cm) NV-SINGLET 50 pcs
Neo-Velum Doublet - 2pcs/pack (3 x 3cm) NV-DOUBLET 50 pcs
Neo-Velum Mono - 1pc/pack (3 x 3cm) NV-MONO 50 pcs

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