Disposable Neo-Snug


  • 2 sizes available
  • Neonate can be positioned on the side, prone or supine
  • Material using the latest non-woven technology
  • Providing optimum boundaries
  • 2 fixed straps for fixing/securing and detachable strap for positioning baby
  • Every Neo Snug includes two clip on hook and loop tube holders

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Ideal Supported Positioning

The Neo Snug mimics the positioning that the baby would look when in the womb so providing security for the new born:

  • Flexed
  • The head is in the midline, neutral neck
  • Shoulder protraction
  • Hands to midline/mouth
  • Neutral hips and feet
  • Boundaries with some freedom of movement
  • Tactile input

Benefits of Supportive Positioning

  • Promotes physiologic stability (joint stability, muscular development, tone and alignment)
  • Increases O2 Sats and decreases RR and HR
  • Promotes deep sleep
  • Facilitates different levels of consciousness/arousal
  • Promotes neurobehavioural development/stability
  • Promotes self-regulation
  • Reduces stress
  • Frees the hands of the caregiver
  • Provides graded input of proprioceptive, tactile and visual stimuli
  • May decrease the need of any analgesic and/or sedative
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Sizes available:

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NSG001C Disposable Neo-Snug - Size 1 50
NSG002C Disposable Neo-Snug - Size 2 50

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